Marc and Sue Gulliver are the brains behind Brains On Fire. Together, we have over 50 years experience in Architecture, Construction, and Interior Design. In the early 80’s, Marc was President of a Design/Build firm called “Smith Gulliver” in Acton Ma. Sue was a designer at the firm. After working together for several years, we decided we were ready for an adventure. We moved down to the Cayman Islands where Marc continued as an Architect, and Sue raised a family.

In 1996 , we decided to give up the sun and sand for an exciting opportunity in Washington DC. Marriott was just beginning to expand overseas, and Marc wanted a role in this exciting expansion. Marc became Vice President of Asia in Marriott’s Architecture and Construction division, and shortly there after Senior Vice President of Architecture and Construction International . He expanded his division from Head Quarters to nine offices world wide. By the time Marc retired from Marriott in 2011, he had been responsible for the architectural design, construction, and interior design of over 1500 international hotels.

We retired to Asheville in 2013, and built our own home. With Marc’s expansive knowledge of construction and design, as well as intimate knowledge of scheduling, we were able to have a certificate of occupancy within just under five months from breaking ground. Though we planned on retiring, we found we really enjoyed working together again in design and construction. Based on our success in the construction of our home, a neighbor approached us to build their home. Thus the birth of Brains On Fire, Inc.

Our goal is to build at most one or two buildings per year. We enjoy being hands on, and want to focus our energies on each building. We are mostly focused on residential design and construction, but did design/build an outdoor cooking school at a beautiful legacy camp, Camp Merrimac, which was an exciting project.

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